Diamonds in your own back

“Innovation— any new idea—by definition will not be accepted at first. It takes repeated attempts, endless demonstrations, and monotonous rehearsals before innovation can be accepted and internalized by an organization. This requires courageous patience.”

— Warren Be

When I was a small girl, my main goal was to grow up to make a difference in the world. I think that’s a goal many of us share. Leaving the world a better place than we found it has been a statement we carry with ourselves wherever we go, but I presume most time we wait for this big thing to make a difference in the world or reinvent something huge. Most time we copy paste what everyone is doing. We look for jobs because we want to earn a living; we open business because we saw our friends succeed in business. We have suppressed our originality. We waste a lot of time living other people’s life and we forget our purpose in the world. We miss opportunities because we are not prepared to know when they show up.

This amazing story is all about developing an awareness of the opportunities that lie all around us – if only we would develop eyes to see them. The story goes something like this:

Al Hafed was a wealthy man who owned a large farm in south central India. He lived a very contented life, until an ancient Buddhist priest told him of the existence of diamonds, the world’s most valuable mineral. He became so obsessed with the idea of becoming incredibly wealthy by finding these precious gemstones that he sold his farm and traveled the world in search of them until had spent all of his money. Penniless and despondent, he finally drowned himself.

Meanwhile, back at Al Hafed’s property, the new owner took his camel to a garden brook to give it a drink of water. While the camel was drinking from the brook, he noticed a brightly-colored rock glinting in the water. He took it home with him, and placed it on his fireplace mantel. A few days later, the old Buddhist priest returned to the property. Seeing the colorful rock on the mantel, he recognized it as a large diamond in the rough.

Thus was discovered the diamond mine of Golconda, one of the most magnificent diamond mines in all the history of mankind. Golconda diamonds are well-known today as the highest quality gemstones in the world. Many of the world’s most famous diamonds, including the Hope diamond, are believed to be from the Golconda mine.

The eye-opening lesson of Acres of Diamonds

The lesson of this story is simple: You don’t need not look elsewhere for opportunity, achievement or fortune. All of the opportunities you could possibly want can be found where you are now – in your present community, job, family and other circumstances. For best results, we need to dig in our own backyard, to find opportunities where we are now.

You may have heard the expression, “The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.” We all dream of finding our success or fortune – somewhere else, in a different set of circumstances, in a different city, with a different job or a change in our marital status. When you get to the “other side of the fence,” you will probably discover that the grass wasn’t so green there after all. On the other hand, the opportunities we seek are probably closer than we think.

The relationship between problems and opportunities

Problems usually contain within them the seeds of opportunity. The reason that most people never see them is because no one has ever taught them how to look for them. You see, when they are pulled from the ground, diamonds don’t look like the brilliant, multi-faceted gems that we all know and love. They come disguised as rough-hewn, colorful rocks. It takes a trained eye to recognize them. In the same way, opportunities in come disguised in “work clothes” – as problems or challenges to be overcome. The average person sees only the problems, and quickly gives up. But small handful of entrepreneurial people push on through the challenges to identify and capitalize upon the opportunities they contain.

What should the wealthy farmer have done, instead of selling everything and traveling the world in search of diamonds? For starters, he should have invested some time and effort to learn what diamonds look like in their native form. He should have also learned in what types of geological formations they are typically found. These two steps would have helped him to vastly increase the odds of finding the fortunes he sought. The wealthy farmer is like most people today, who either see insurmountable problems or stay where they are now, in quiet desperation, or run off trying to find new opportunities without any idea what they are looking for.

You already own a diamond mine – learn how to mine it!

What’s remarkable is that you already own a priceless diamond mine. Before you dismiss me as a fool, consider this: Between your ears, you already own, free and clear, the most powerful problem-solving, visualization and creativity tool ever devised – your relentlessly creative brain. The problem is that our society, education and conditioning have caused the creative muscles of your brain to atrophy. But like any muscle, your brain can be developed.

How can you recognize opportunities more readily? By training yourself in the art and practice of creative problem solving and ideation. A great primer to help you to do that is my new e-book, Creativity Hacks, which I wrote in order to energize people like you to use their latent creative energies to solve the challenges in their lives. This book not only destroys the myth that creativity is inborn, but also shows specific techniques that you can use to generate ideas, solve problems and, above all, to cultivate the richness that only a creative life can provide.

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to learn how to dig for diamonds in your own back yard!

By Chuck Frey

Published by Betty Mully

Betty is a social entrepreneur, a business mentor, a life coach and a digital fun . Her greatest passion in life is to empower others, disrupt mindsets and help eradicate all forms of poverty through economic empowerment. She believes every individual has a unique story to share that will encourage others in their journey. She sees potential in each person's story and look for ways to bring that potential out with the aim of helping them become compassionate leaders with a sense of tolerance and global responsibility. She believes that the world has complex social challenges that can be solved through collaborative efforts Her initial entry to economic development and social change began 10 years ago when she started working in a Microfinance Bank and later left to found her own social enterprise a decision that has transformed her world view on the role entrepreneurship & leadership plays in making the world a better place.She believes that technology can be a big driver to solving social problems

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