Many of us women wish to change the world. We wake up every morning and wish things were better. Days, weeks, months and years pass but the wishing continues. We encounter women living in violence, we encounter women giving birth in pathetic environment and children dying and we still feel hopeless and wish someone does something about it.

We see women struggle accessing some services like financial, internet information because they are digital illiterate, but we wish someone will one day  come and train them. We wish government institution could get more involved but we wait and wait, and when it doesn’t happen we instead start complaining.

We work in hostile environments, some Bosses take advantage of the girls and offer them promotions in exchange of their bodies, we watch helplessly and wish some humanitarian organization will hear about it and intervene

We sit looking at the GLASS in front of us,we live in the illusion,thinking that THE GLASS is protecting us but in reality we are clearly seeing the other side and we can actually break it ,get through and take action.

I broke the glass and quit my good job in cooperate world to become a social entrepreneur, to address financial and digital literacy challenges and expose women and youths to greater possibilities of economic development. People called me crazy but yes I BROKE THE GLASS. Am determined to fight on till I see change on those things that I wished happened or changed when I was behind THE GLASS.


Published by Betty Mully

Betty is a social entrepreneur, a business mentor, a life coach and a digital fun . Her greatest passion in life is to empower others, disrupt mindsets and help eradicate all forms of poverty through economic empowerment. She believes every individual has a unique story to share that will encourage others in their journey. She sees potential in each person's story and look for ways to bring that potential out with the aim of helping them become compassionate leaders with a sense of tolerance and global responsibility. She believes that the world has complex social challenges that can be solved through collaborative efforts Her initial entry to economic development and social change began 10 years ago when she started working in a Microfinance Bank and later left to found her own social enterprise a decision that has transformed her world view on the role entrepreneurship & leadership plays in making the world a better place.She believes that technology can be a big driver to solving social problems

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