3 Things to do when it is hard to get started

“It is a busy day,have had a packed week,its been a crazy month”sounds familiar right? That is why you never started that blog,you never started exercising ,you never started that business,you never started that book,and the list goes on,suddenly you realize the year is gone and then you feel, -well- I will pick it upContinue reading “3 Things to do when it is hard to get started”

3 Great ways to overcome fear

Most people associate failure with complete defeat. I know, because I’ve failed countless times over. In fact, at one point,I almost felt like a professional failure.You know those days,weeks ,months that nothing literally is moving and everything goes haywire,yeah those days you fell a sense of total and absolute defeat. Robert Kanaat once said “WhenContinue reading “3 Great ways to overcome fear”

Discpline I meet you again

Sometimes I find myself contemplating to stop🚥 or to continue doing something … probably because am not getting the results I need as fast as I need them…talk of impatience😜…you know that feeling of wanting to wake up one day and Boom!!….things have happened💪…… Overtime have learned that life is a journey👣, things don’t justContinue reading “Discpline I meet you again”

Lies we believe

We think differently ,we come from different backgrounds and this dictates our actions everyday.Every person has their own “Reality” based upon the inner drives.Sometimes have found myself getting caught up in other people’s realities which disorient and disable me in the process.The same realities give us our personal definitions of success and happiness. Recently IContinue reading “Lies we believe”

How can we lighten her load

When women are economically and socially empowered, they become a powerful force for change. In rural areas women are more likely to depend on farming for a livelihood, unfortunately they rarely have access to the resources that would make their work more productive and ease their heavy workload. As a result, it is not justContinue reading “How can we lighten her load”

These 3 attributes can help you live a balanced life as an entrepreneur

Lately I found out that am gaining some weight, “well it’s not a bad thing to add some extra kgs once in a while”,I keep on telling myself!…But what I am not confronting is that a few things need to change.. hey sounds unconvincing right! As an entrepreneur sometimes you end up having a crazyContinue reading “These 3 attributes can help you live a balanced life as an entrepreneur”

You are ready to go organic right! …What no one tells you

Lately some words are flooding the market ,literally causing people to start heated debate on health and how they should take care of themselves ,blinded by the so many go natural,embrace organic products,eat clean phrases,the list is endless causing Panic all over.Organic being one of those words and yes we are almost going  organic everything,IContinue reading “You are ready to go organic right! …What no one tells you”

 Personal growth best tip to move your life forward

How many times have you felt like you seriously needed to improve on something and become a  better person, but drained by the thought of you not moving ,maybe because of a weakness that keeps coming and showing up every time you are prepared to take off and when you are about to reach yourContinue reading ” Personal growth best tip to move your life forward”

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